SAMBA3.5pre2-Does map untrusted to domain work?

Thu Jan 7 11:59:20 MST 2010

>Hey Michael,

>This is because a Windows server, when it receives an unqualified user,
>will treat it as a local user and do the user lookup and password check
>against it's local Security Account Manager (SAM).

>A domain member server, has it's own SAM that is separate from the
>Domain.  A domain controller, does not have a separate SAM.  A domain
>controller's directory replaces it's local SAM when it is promoted to a

>Try connecting to a SMB share on a Windows machine that is a domain
>member, but not a DC.  Unqualified names will not work.

I was not comparing apples to apples was I ?  You are correct in that it is two different
scenarios we are talking about.  Makes total sense.
However, due to my current situation, I need to be able to temp. connect to the member
server (SAMBA) without the need of passing the domain name, if at all possible.  If that
switch will allow this, that will be great.  After I get all of the machines joined to the domain,
I will then remove this switch to force it to the correct Windows behavior.

Thanks again!

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