Samba 3.5.0pre2 in Debian experimental

Christian PERRIER bubulle at
Mon Jan 4 22:48:07 MST 2010

Last year, sometime in December, I wrote:

> Please notice that, contrary to what we generally did up to now,
> Debian maintainers have not been able to build a package for pre1
> before pre2 went out...
> This is mostly because we apparently can't build with the packaged
> talloc libraries (Debian currently has 2.0.0 while 3.5.0pre version
> apprently need 2.0.1).

I forgot announcing that Debian experimental now has Samba 3.5.0pre2
packages (and Debian unstable has talloc 2.0.1).

So, the brave hearts can test that release by adding the following to
their /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb ftp://<your_favorite_mirror>/debian experimental main

running "apt-get (or aptitude) update"


apt-get install -t experimental samba

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