using eadb with (g|s)etntacl

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at
Mon Jan 4 11:23:09 MST 2010


I had a look today on the request of andrew B. to make setntacl and 
getntacl use the same code path as the file server so that posix:eadb 
could be used.

After a quick look at the code it looks not straightforward  first the 
reading of the definition of "posix:eadb" is done in function 
pvfs_setup_options which needs a pvfs_state to work and also all 
manipulation of xattr need a pvfs_state object.

But in fact if we can create easily a simple  pvfs_state object then 
make something like pvfs_setup_options to allocate an eadb object if the 
parameter is defined followed by pull_xattr_blob/push_xattr_blob.

Any comments ?


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