Samba: map untrusted to domain

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at
Mon Jan 4 14:00:41 MST 2010

Hey Tom,

I'm not familiar with DOS SMB clients at all, but using a WinXP client I
believe if the client machine is also joined to the domain the kernel
will automatically append the domain name onto the username before
sending it over the wire.  If the client is not joined to the domain, or
is joined to a different trusted domain then you must specify the fully
qualified credentials (ie: DOMAIN\user) when mounting a share.


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> Hi Steven,
> what puzzles me is that with the new behaviour, I cannot see how the
> client could ever access a domain member server, because I couldn't
> the client to connect with a non-null domain name. Maybe windows has
> some protocol specific workarounds, i.e. it behaves differently if the
> client speaks lanman2.1?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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