Can not mount SAMBA shares after AD configuration

John E. Kimberly jkimb at
Sun Feb 28 13:06:41 MST 2010

I recently configured SAMBA to provide shares on a RHEL5 server.  
Everything was working as expected.  We then configured kerberos, 
winbind and the smb.conf file to support the enterprise AD.  Everyone, 
both the Linux users and the AD user can now authenticate onto the Linux 

However, now NO one can map the SAMBA shares.  We have tried numerous 
combinations of "domain\usersname", username only, etc. but the share 
continues to say "password invalid"  I found that if I set "guest ok = 
yes" in the individual shares it is able to be mapped, but it violates 
the security policy.

I increased the debug level to 5, and the log file for the test Windows 
client is reporting that the user is not a member of a valid group.

Can anyone point me in a direction, or previous thread that seems to 
address this issue?

Thanks in Advance,  John

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