updated Samba4 HOWTO

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Fri Feb 26 00:19:54 MST 2010

Several people have been asking for updated instructions on using
Samba4 as a replicating domain controller.

Andrew and I have been working did a major revision of the current
Samba4 HOTO page, and it is now ready for people to test:


We have tested all aspects of the HOWTO to ensure they are working
with the current git master tree, and we have added a number of
sections on how to enable automatic updates of dynamic DNS entries for
Samba as a DC.

The HOWTO covers:

  - installing Samba4 as a domain controller
  - provisioning Samba
  - adding shares
  - configuring DNS and kerberos
  - configuring dynamic DNS updates
  - joining Windows machines to the Samba domain
  - managing your Samba domain from Windows
  - setting up Organizational Units on your Samba DC
  - setting up and applying Group Policies on your Samba DC

We have also created a new HOWTO which focuses on joining a Samba4 DC
as an additional DC in an existing Windows or Samba domain. That new
HOWTO is here:


Some of the features in this HOWTO are very new. In fact, some of the
features will only work if you have a version of Samba4 from today. So
update your git trees, and get testing!

Cheers, Tridge

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