problem with dcpromo and 973ea198677c581064fad62cdac30baac7103ef8.

tridge at tridge at
Thu Feb 25 18:57:01 MST 2010

Hi Matthias,

Your commit 973ea198677c581064fad62cdac30baac7103ef8 broke dcpromo
against Samba4, as Windows seems to be looking for the revisions to
match exactly what is expects given our claimed domain level. It's
good that you're trying to make our revisions match, but you can't
just apply changes like this without confirming it doesn't break
anything. There are a lot of interactions between the attributes that
are not obvious at first glance.

I've reverted the commit, but I wonder if you could setup a test
environment for yourself where you can run both dcpromo tests, and the
vampire tests. Your work often touches on things that affect this
functionality, so if you could get a test environment where you can
test that it all works before pushing that would be great.

Ideally we'd have an automated test of this, but as you may know,
previous attempts at similar automated testing of domain joins have
not worked out well, so in the meantime we rely on individual
developers having a test environment that allows them to check that
changes to basic provisioning like this doesn't break anything.

Cheers, Tridge

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