[PATCH] s4: initial code for the topology algorithm

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Wed Feb 24 18:21:07 MST 2010

Hi Crístian,

 > I've been reading about this algorithm and I just realized it creates the
 > connections between the sites, not between the DCs, as I was
 > thinking.

ahh, ok, that makes more sense!

 > I set up an AD domain between Windows 2008 R2 only (no Samba DCs)
 > and after some ldbsearches, I see there was only one site object,
 > one siteLink object and no siteLinkBridge object. Those are the
 > three main object classes this algorithm deals with. So I think the
 > resulting graph we saw during our last meeting was right, with only
 > one vertex and one edge, even after several net vampires we
 > performed.

yes, makes sense. You'd need to have multiple sites to test your
current code.

 > So in order to implement the tests, I was wondering how I can mock
 > up new sites to test against the algorithm. It's working now with
 > the domain I have, but that's not an automated test and it tests
 > only one scenario. I need to have more sites other than
 > "Default-First-Site-Name". Am I going in the right way?

I think you should leave the inter-site algorithm alone now, and start
working on the intra-site algorithm. I think initially at least Samba4
is more likely to be run within a single site, rather than with
multiple sites.

Don't remove the current inter-site topology code, but just add some
new code that works out the right topology for within one site.

Cheers, Tridge

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