tdb recovery fixes

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Feb 24 01:24:50 MST 2010

Hi Rusty,

does it make sense to create a new tdb version,
or do you have some more changes pending?


> The branch, master has been updated
>        via  ec96ea6... tdb: handle processes dying during transaction commit.
>        via  1bf482b... patch tdb-refactor-tdb_lock-and-tdb_lock_nonblock.patch
>        via  ececeff... tdb: add -k option to tdbtorture
>        via  8c3fda4... tdb: don't truncate tdb on recovery
>        via  9f295ee... tdb: remove lock ops
>        via  a84222b... tdb: rename tdb_release_extra_locks() to tdb_release_transaction_locks()
>        via  dd1b508... tdb: cleanup: remove ltype argument from _tdb_transaction_cancel.
>        via  fca1621... tdb: tdb_allrecord_lock/tdb_allrecord_unlock/tdb_allrecord_upgrade
>        via  caaf5c6... tdb: suppress record write locks when allrecord lock is taken.
>        via  9341f23... tdb: cleanup: always grab allrecord lock to infinity.
>        via  1ab8776... tdb: remove num_locks
>        via  d48c3e4... tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for seqnum lock.
>        via  4738d47... tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for active lock.
>        via  9136818... tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for open lock.
>        via  e8fa70a... tdb: use tdb_nest_lock() for transaction lock.
>        via  ce41411... tdb: cleanup: find_nestlock() helper.
>        via  db27073... tdb: cleanup: tdb_release_extra_locks() helper
>        via  fba42f1... tdb: cleanup: tdb_have_extra_locks() helper
>        via  b754f61... tdb: don't suppress the transaction lock because of the allrecord lock.
>        via  5d9de60... tdb: cleanup: tdb_nest_lock/tdb_nest_unlock
>        via  e9114a7... tdb: cleanup: rename global_lock to allrecord_lock.
>        via  7ab422d... tdb: cleanup: rename GLOBAL_LOCK to OPEN_LOCK.
>        via  a6e0ef8... tdb: make _tdb_transaction_cancel static.
>        via  452b4a5... tdb: cleanup: split brlock and brunlock methods.
>       from  fffdce6... s4/schema: Move msDS-IntId implementation to samldb.c module

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