[PATCHES] Rationalizing and unifing Schannel

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Feb 23 01:39:46 MST 2010

simo schrieb:
> I have been working on a patchset to enhance the schannel interface and
> also to make it possible to share this code between S3 and S4 again.
> The first 6 patches shouldn't be controversial.
> The last 2 patches remove the use of ldb and goes back to use a tdb for
> samba4, the comment on patch 7 explains the rationale.
> Unless there are objections I will push this patches during the week.

Hmm, I think we should think about the tdb_wrap_open() usage
a bit more. It uses talloc_reference() and the caller uses
talloc_free(). I think we should not explicit free it
we need a talloc parent that we free, as source3/lib/dbwrap_tdb.c


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