PyQt4 gui for provisioning

Brad Hards bradh at
Sat Feb 20 03:57:41 MST 2010


I've updated my previous work on Samba 4 and OpenChange server provisioning, 
and it can be found at:

I've removed the previous user setup wizard pages, since that seemed to belong 
in another tool (based on feedback at the 2010 BoF).

Known limitations:
A. No DNS setup yet.
B. No OpenChange server provisioning feedback yet.

The next things I'd like to understand from Samba developers / admins are:
1. Do you really want to enter a Domain and Realm? Would it be OK to just 
provide the DNS domain and use that as the Realm, and say everything up to the 
first . in the DNS domain is the samba4 domain?
2. dcpromo (from memory) provides options to setup a new forest, add a new 
domain inside an existing forest, or to add a DC to an existing domain. What 
are the corresponding options in the samba4 provisioning script?
3. Should the wizard start the server (which mode?) and try to do some self 
tests of the setup?

Patches welcome, of course.


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