PROPOSAL: Use Cmake as the build system for Samba

Björn Jacke bj at SerNet.DE
Thu Feb 18 14:12:46 MST 2010

On 2010-02-18 at 16:40 +0100 Jelmer Vernooij sent off:
> Personally I don't really care about anything older than the last
> support/enterprise releases of the Linux distro's and the BSDs; if the
> CMake we use is available by default there I'm happy. I have no idea how
> widely available C++ compilers are on the commercial UNIXes, perhaps the
> people that care about these platforms can speak up?

a word about the commercial UNIXes: I think most of them are located in
Göttingen actually. So login on them is no problem for us. I think almost all
(not sure about our HP-UX machine) have native C compilers that support c++.
I'll take care that cmake will find its way there. Compiling cmake on them
*can't* be more painfull than it was to compile python ! :-)

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