PROPOSAL: Use Cmake as the build system for Samba

Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Feb 17 16:23:45 MST 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 02:39:46PM -0500, simo wrote:
> One of the most interesting things about Cmake, is that for the initial
> steps it can be developed in a completely parallel way to the current
> build system, so that the transition should not cause extended building
> problems while it is carried over.

+1 THIS ! :-). This is critical IMHO and is a big plus to the
project :-).

> Andreas is very well versed in Cmake, he even contributes to the
> upstream community, and he would like to volunteer driving the initial
> adoption and helping any developer that wants to get involved get up to
> speed with it.

I'm happy to contribute to this also.


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