"Force directory security mode = 2777" doesn't work (?)

Erik Jostein Sørnes Erik.Jostein.Sornes at ahus.no
Tue Feb 16 10:32:23 MST 2010


When setting "Force directory security mode = 2777" on in smb.conf, the setgid-bit (the 2 in 2777) is not applied on folders which I modify from the native NT security dialog box.

I.e. in [testshare], path /testshare, i have a folder testfolder:

rwx---rw-   testfolder

After modifying this folder from windows, using the native NT security dialog box, it gets permissions:

rwxrwxrwx   testfolder.

Now, it _should_ get:

 rwxrwsrwx   testfolder

, right?

Is this a bug, or is this expected behaviour? 

I have tried this on a bunch of differnt servers with samba 3.2.7 and 3.4.5


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