[PATCH] s4-drs: enable the recyclebin optional feature

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Feb 15 05:48:16 MST 2010

Hi Eduardo,

 > Thanks for your comments. I have added the changes that you suggested.
 > Recycle Bin is being activated and is now working as Windows.

thanks! I've pushed your changes. The only change I needed to make was
to remove the DSDB_FLAG_OWN_MODULE flag in the
dsdb_module_modify(). That flag tells the modify to go via the current
module, which we don't need to do in this case.

 > Is it good to create a test case to test the Recycle Bin activation?

yes, it would be good to test that it works.

 > With this patch is it possible to start the changes on replmd_delete
 > function to use the recycle bin functionality?

yes, that's the next big step. We'll need a utility function in
dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/util.c which checks to see if a particular
optional feature is enabled (given the GUID). The replmd_delete() code
can then check that and see if it should delete via the recycle bin

Another thing I think we need to look at is what happens with
replication of these optional features. Notice that setting the
msDS-OptionalFeature attribute is only done on the current DC. I
suspect what is supposed to happen is that after each replication
cycle that a DC is supposed to check if any additional features have
been enabled, and if they have, then it should enable it for its own
NTDS settings DN as well. Can you test that? Try enabling the recycle
bin on a s4 DC joined to a w2k8 domain, and see if the w2k8 DC enables
it on itself shortly afterwards. I also wonder if WSPP documents this?

Cheers, Tridge

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