[PATCH] s4: initial code for the topology algorithm

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Feb 15 05:17:56 MST 2010

Hi Crístian,

Thanks for your nice kcc_topology.c code! I rebased your two commits
into one so we don't end up with a kcc_topology.h deleted in git, and
I've pushed this initial implementation to master.

What we need now is a tool to test this, displaying the topology it
will create. Then once we think it is working well we can link it into
kcc_connection.c and start to create the correct connections.

To help with this, I think we need one more function in
kcc_topology.c, something like this:

NTSTATUS kcctpl_calculate_connections(struct kccsrv_service *s, 
	 	                      struct kcc_connection **connections,
			              uint32_t *count);

it would calculate the correct graph, then turn it into a connection
list. The kcc_connection.c code would then call this function to work
out what connections should be in place.

First we need some way to test it though. You could either create a
python interface and a python test suite, or you could create a C
based test suite, which ever you prefer. The code is certainly complex
enough to warrant a test suite I think, and I'd like to see what
valgrind thinks of it :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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