ctdb: "setup" event and 13.per_ip_routing fixes

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Feb 12 15:13:32 MST 2010

Hi Ronnie,

can you please take a look at my fixes for master?

In order to set the tunables via the event scripts
we need a new event, as "init" runs before ctdbd listens
for client requests.

The 13.per_ip_routing script had the problem
that the delete_ip_from_iface() function only readded
the ip, but didn't resetup the routing tables.

There's now a setup_iface_ip_readd_script() function to register
scripts which are called by delete_ip_from_iface() when readding
the ip to an interface.

I changed remove_ip() to be just a wrapper of delete_ip_from_iface()
and changed 11.natgw to use delete_ip_from_iface directly.
Which means re can remove 'remove_ip' in future.


git pull git://git.samba.org/metze/ctdb/wip.git master-for-ronnie


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