cost of tdb transactions on ext4 with barriers

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at
Thu Feb 11 18:54:00 MST 2010

tridge at wrote:
> Hi Rusty,
> for completeness, here is are the results including the btrfs and xfs
> numbers:
>    ext3 barrier=0   1.9s
>    ext3 barrier=1   13.4s
>    ext4 barrier=0   2.5s
>    ext4 barrier=1   36.0s
>    btrfs nobarrier  29.1s  
>    btrfs barrier=1  117s
>    xfs   	    8.9s  
> (the barrier options make no difference on xfs as far as I can see).
> If ext4 and btrfs are the future of Linux filesystems then tdb/Samba
> are in real trouble!
> Cheers, Tridge

I'm assuming you've got a 5400 RPM drive on your laptop.  Any chance 
these would be much better using a SSD?

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