about wide links and unix extensions

Yannick Bergeron burgergold at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 11 13:28:22 MST 2010

What would also be "great" is that a symlink to another samba share would be accepted

like: with "wide link = no", if the absolute path of a symlink is not shared by Samba: block, else allow


        path = /path/projects/%S
        read only = No
        browseable = No

with the following projects structure:

those are 4 differents filesets with quota, access, etc.

our users are using pfoo as a common share with symlinks to all there working filesets
/path/projects/pfoo/p1 -> /path/projects/p1
/path/projects/pfoo/p2 -> /path/projects/p2
/path/projects/pfoo/p3 -> /path/projects/p3

that way they only need 1 network drive to access them all

in our context, there is about 60 links in pfoo to 60 different filesets
and we have around 2000 projects (which is 2000 filesets) in /path/projects (in the cell)

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