status of DRS efforts in Samba4 (and a developer tutorial)

Rohit Rajan rohit.rajan at
Mon Feb 8 05:29:31 MST 2010


I tried the DRS on 2 seperate machines 1 the primary DC running Samba 
4.0.0alpha11-GIT-802e932 on CentOS release 5.4 (Final) and all is well 
here, i made the changes to the smb.conf file and added the replication 

dreplsrv:periodic-interval = 10
dreplsrv:periodic-startup-interval = 5

then started samba with the command "samba -i -M single -d4"

then on the second machine i picked the latest git and done make 
install, then copied the smb.conf from the first server and changed the 
netbios name.

also i copied the krb5.conf from the first DC and copy it onto second

now when i'm trying to vampire it i'm getting this error

Analyze and apply schema objects
Failed to convert object 
Failed to commit objects: WERR_GENERAL_FAILURE
libnet_BecomeDC() failed - NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
Vampire of domain failed: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
return code = -1

any help would be wonderfull, thanks in advance

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