wireshark pidl and lsa.idl

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Sun Feb 7 16:45:08 MST 2010

Hello Ronnie,

I'm trying to make spoolss dissector use the pidl.
While doing it I realized that I need some functions of lsa.idl, and so 
I made some tests modifying the cnf.

In order to be sure that I didn't broke every thing I tried to 
regenerate packet-dcerpc-lsa.c/h

I wasn't able first to generate the .c/.h files because the lsa_String 
definition use noejs flag that is not valid (anymore ?).
Removing it allowed me to generate files, so I tried to compile and boum 
! it didn't work because it complains about ALIGN_TO_3_BYTES being unknown.

Also it appears that generated files are modified by hand, despite the 
top notice.

What can/should be done ?


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