Development of Samba

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Sun Feb 7 04:16:29 MST 2010

Hi Karol,

Karol Pysniak wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to develop SAMBA project as my contribution to Google
> Summer of Code. I have been using SAMBA for a few years now and, hence,
> I have a few ideas how to develop SAMBA. I am a computing student which
> will definitely help me make my ideas come true :) What should I do to
> join the project?
we have always plenty of work to be done ;) . Well, to be more serious: 
first you have to decide on which subproject to work on. As you may know 
SAMBA 3 and SAMBA 4 are separate projects with quite some differences. 
So first you have to decide between them.
> Some of my ideas involve, for instance, creating advanced Graphical User
> Interface for SAMBA. It could be as easy as to let any non-experienced
> user to start using SAMBA, but the Interface would involve all options
> which could be used by advanced users.
Generally we are less interested in graphical development but more in 
the "real" server programming. As an idea of possible tasks consider 
this page: If you 
nevertheless would like to work with GUIs I suggest either SWAT (for 
SAMBA 3) or SWAT2 (for SAMBA 4). For SWAT I don't know the real 
maintainer (just ask on the list) and for SWAT2 you should contact 
Jelmer (Vernooij).
> I can program in Java/C/C++/Haskell/Assembler (IA-32).
The majority of the code is written in plain C and parts of SAMBA 4 in 


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