s4: Some patches to make the build work on older linux distributions

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Feb 5 02:31:27 MST 2010

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer schrieb:
> Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
>> Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer schrieb:
>>> Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
>>>> I think both patches are not ok.
>>>> 1.patch:
>>>>    - ALWAYS include replace.h or includes.h as first header
>>>>      otherwise we'll break older systems.
>>>>    - I think we should try to not include uid_wrapper.h in
>>>> heimdal_build/
>>>>    - And also not in includes/includes.h
>>>>    - I think we should only include it in source4/ntvfs/unixid/ and
>>>>      lib/util/unix_privs.c (if it doesn't break make test).
>>>>      And then #include "system/passwd.h" should be included in both
>>>>      C files instead of in uid_wrapper.h
>>> I've attached a new patch version which should contain all your
>>> suggestions.
>> Why do you remove int uwrap_enabled(void); from the header? It's needed.
> It has not been removed but rather it has been moved upwards in my patch.

Ah, sorry. Then I'm fine with the patch if it work in the s4 AND merged
build. And passes a full make test in the s4 build.

>>>> 2.patch:
>>>>    - I think the nsstest part is ok
>>>>    - The heimdal part needs to be fixed by defining NSS_WRAPPER_DISABLE
>>>>      in heimdal_build/roken.h, we nees NSS_WRAPPER_DISABLE in the same
>>>>      way we have SOCKET_WRAPPER_DISABLE
>>> metze, I don't find this SOCKET_WRAPPER_DISABLE symbol - only a
>>> SOCKET_WRAPPER_REPLACE one. Please describe this a bit more so I know
>>> better how to fix this. Or if you would like to fix this heimdal part on
>>> your own (probably you know better how than I do) I'm also fine. Then I
>>> truncate my patch to contain only the "nsstest" part.
>> lib/replace/system/network.h:#ifndef SOCKET_WRAPPER_DISABLE
>> lib/replace/system/network.h:#endif /* SOCKET_WRAPPER_DISABLE */
>> ..
> You really mean that patching/changing the libreplace is the better
> solution? And what to do in the heimdal code?

Search for -DSOCKET_WRAPPER_DISABLE=1 in heimdal_build/internal.mk

We need to compile all heimdal code with -DNSS_WRAPPER_DISABLE=1


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