samba-tool drs command

Sassy Natan sassyn at
Thu Dec 23 23:37:39 MST 2010

It refers to the  naming context.

As specified in [MS-ADTS], domain controller (DC) use the Directory
Replication Service (DRS) Remote Protocol to replicate their
configurations, schema, and domain naming context (domain NC) to other
domain controllers.

The data replicated between controllers called "data" are also called
"naming context".

Hope this help

Please note Jelmer just release alpha 14!


On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 8:29 AM,  <tms3 at> wrote:
> Excuse me for being dense but:
> zaphod# ./samba-tool drs replicate zaphod eowyn
> Usage: net drs replicate <DEST_DC> <SOURCE_DC> <NC>
> What the devil is <NC>?
> Cheers,

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