Samba 4 successes and failures

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Tue Dec 21 13:21:49 MST 2010

On 11/26/2010 09:04 AM, Trever L. Adams wrote:
> Hello Matthieu,
> I do not know if I have a copy of one of the two domains. I can use it
> on a copy of the other regardless. As for the apology, I hope I haven't
> made you or any other S4 team member feel as if I am complaining. I am
> amazed at all that you all do and I understand other bits take precedence.
> I should be able to get to trying this out on Tuesday. The domain should
> be down long enough for other reasons that I can back things up, try it
> and then restore without causing problems.
I get the below with S4 commit 58206fb9b8d1a66af5a1c08379ed5f6e3413c2f0.
It also still seems to be messing up kerberos authentication (at least
from service principals). I have had to drop back for the time being as
it also caused other problems. Notice the ACL problem is still there.
This is on the domain that was working, not the one causing problems,
but it is the same error as before.

Creating a reference provision
Copy privilege
Update base samdb by searching difference with reference one
update secrets.ldb
Update machine account
Unable to set ACLs on sysvol share, if not usingposix:eadb, you must be
root to do it
Upgrade finished !
Reopenning samdb to trigger reindexing if needed after modification
Reindexing finished

Thank you,
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what you breath." -- Harl Adams

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