Samba 4 Question

Per Qvindesland perqvind at
Sat Dec 18 04:08:42 MST 2010

Hi List

I have installed Samba 4 for testing purposes, on the fedora 14 machine with
Alpa 13 it compiled and installed without any warnings, I can add users and
join a windows xp machine to it but I can not join a windows 7 machine (not
tested vista yet) nor a OS X machine, both machines throws up the error of
incorrect username or password do I have checked and checked the user name
and password for Administrator, this error occurs when I want to join the
machines to the samba 4 domain, I checked in the samba logs and this error
message comes continuously:
Testing kcctpl_create_intersite_connections
TLS gnutls_handshake failed - A TLS fatal alert has been received.
TLS gnutls_handshake failed - A TLS packet with unexpected length was

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Per Qvindesland

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