symbol versioning of private libraries builds

tridge at tridge at
Fri Dec 10 05:56:51 MST 2010

Hi Metze,

 > For that's not a valid setup, all components have to use the system talloc
 > in that case.

but we have no way to enforce that, and I suspect it will happen. 

It has a much higher chance of working with the current setup than
with the proposed patch.

 > But for other libraries without impact on the whole application, we
 > should make sure that we only use symbols from the private version
 > of the library, instead of taking the old symbols from the system
 > library and only the new symbols from the private one.

I don't think it will do that, but perhaps we could write a test to
see what happens?

 > For libraries like tdb or ldb it's ok, if one component uses the system tdb
 > to open component1.tdb while component2 uses the private one to access
 > component2.ldb.

and it's also fine if they both use the private implementation, which
I think is what would happen.

I don't think talloc is the only 'special case' btw. I think tevent
has the same issues.

Jelmer, do you have any thoughts on this?

Cheers, Tridge

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