Extending Samba4 schema

Angelos Oikonomopoulos angelos.oikonomopoulos at fp-commerce.de
Wed Dec 8 01:50:06 MST 2010

On 12/07/2010 04:52 PM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> Same here.  Having a [secondary] external DSA sounds like an extra-heap
> of complexity;  but S4 seems to be a pretty flaky LDAP server.

To be fair, doing a feature-complete LDAP server on the side is not 
necessarily the best use of the team's time. What I'd like for now is a 
bit less uncertainty. As mentioned before, it is not clear to the users 
whether that's even part of the plan for any of the current developers, 
let alone what stage it's at. It could be that we're just hitting the 
last remaining bugs in the LDAP implementation. Then again, for all we 
know there are even more serious issues lurking ahead.

In any case, it would save us all some time if that were made clear :)


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