Please Help me (share linux to MS-DOS)

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Hi TAKAHASHI Motonobu,

Thanks a lot ,Its very helpful.we have more than 800 Novel Server.I would
like to change to Linux.

Can you please  tell me ,what is the procedure for installation.which are
files need to call for getting Linux Folder as Drive

i am use bellow batch file for connecting to Novel server
*Result is Ie can login to Novell & SYS volume will be F:\>
Same way I have to get share linux folder to DOS Machine

MODE COM1:9600,N,8,1
MODE COM2:9600,N,8,1
MODE COM3:9600,N,8,1
MODE COM4:9600,N,8,1
login admin

*Result is we can login to Novell & SYS volume will be F:\>
Same way I have to get share linux folder to DOS Machine

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2010/12/2 Rajeeb Moidunny <rajeeb.moidunny at>:
> I want to share( Map as drive) Linux folder to Windows.If posible share
> MS-DOS operating system

You can connect from MS-DOS to Samba with LAN Manager or
MS Network Client.

They are still available from Microsoft at

Also you have to need proper device driver of your network adapter for

Unfortunately they use much memory than Netware client especially
using TCP/IP, so you may meet memory exhausted error.

I publish the screen image at
Sorry for Japanese message displayed there.

TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at>

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