Microsoft tests with smbtorture

tridge at tridge at
Wed Dec 1 16:54:47 MST 2010

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for following up on this.

Stephen, Li and Nick, if you are happy to try and pursue this, then I
think the next step would be for your to try and make wintest work for
you. It works for Andrew and me so far, and I believe that Zahari also
now has it working, or is close. This means we're now doing regular
windows testing, with good coverage of the Samba AD functions.

The big advantage will be that when this testing approach finds a bug,
that anyone should be able to reproduce it. It is often a lot easier
to track down a bug when you can startup wireshark and get a network
trace, plus it means that any developer will be able to confirm that
the bug is fixed.

One challenge for you will be controlling the VMs. I think you are
using HyperV on a windows server, with the Linux box being a VM? If so
then you'd need to find a way for the Linux image to start/stop the
Windows VMs. You could do that with a little pexpect script I think,
or perhaps there is a supported way for HyperV to do this?

I've put up a wiki page on wintest here:

hopefully that page will grow to include more tips on setting up your
environment to run it on a wider range of machines and VM systems.

Nick, I CCd you, as I thought you may be interested in trying to get
this going in your lab.

Cheers, Tridge

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