TDB2 Alpha release....

Rusty Russell rusty at
Wed Dec 1 06:34:05 MST 2010

Hi all!

    After a few weeks of hacking, TDB2 is now almost presentable.  There's
stuff missing (both in terms of minor tdb1 functionality and the tdb2 design
doc) but the basic format is now working, and transactions are implemented.

I'll be hacking more on it in the coming days, but you can find the current
state (as always) in CCAN, as a tarball or in the CCAN git tree:


In particular, the design doc has been updated with status.

My next immediate tasks are:
1) Implement missing functionality from tdb1.
2) Implement the promises in the design doc re: extensibility and
   multiple opens.
3) Performance testing using ldb traces.


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