Two IDmap bugs in Samba 4

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at
Tue Aug 31 08:09:38 MDT 2010

 Hello everyone,

I think I found two IDmap bugs in S4.

First, from time to time various wbinfo, id and getent operations will
cause S4 to stop answering the IDmap requests and all places (ls, and
the above commands) will only give uid/gid numbers or not work at all.
It stops conversion to names from the numbers.

Second, using the data below it seems that doing an ls -l on a file with
the xidNumber the same in uid and gid should yeild the user and group
being the same. However, all ID_TYPE_BOTH only resolve to a user name,
not a group name.
xidNumber: 1000000

I can understand it if these are not shown in domain groups for some
reason, but on the *nix side, it seems that it would resolve them both
as group and user. Am I mistaken in this?

I am willing to try code, do additional debugging, I just need to know
what is wanted/needed.

Thank you,
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