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Thu Aug 26 11:25:58 MDT 2010

"Michael Wood" <esiotrot at> wrote:

>On 25 August 2010 22:58,  <srikumar108 at> wrote:
>>> 6) I can't seem to edit the unix attributes for users in AD.  I'd really
>>> like to be able to pull account information down via ldap on unix
>>> machines.  Is this possible?
Have you added the needed classes and attributes? Sassyn can help you he already tried and succeed doing it.
>I'm not sure he's subscribed to the samba-technical list, so I've
>added him to the Cc list.
Micheal thank you for acting as our email forwarder!
>> Save the following as nis.ldif, replace MYDOMAIN & LOCAL with your
>> domain/realm and ldbadd it to sam.ldb. Now you should be able to select
>> nisdomain from the pull-down menu in ADUC unix attributes tab and edit the
>> unix attributes from user/group.
>> I think this should be included in the provision script.
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>Aaron, here's srikumar108 at's message in the archives, although
>the LDIF is wrapped, so will have to be fixed.
>Michael Wood <esiotrot at>

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