'net replicate' issues - update

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at samba.org
Thu Aug 26 09:27:32 MDT 2010

Tridge, Zahari,

I've missed your discussion on IRC somehow, so here is a short update.

Actually the problem is not missing attribute values, but a purely timing
'kccsrv' creates topology and related attributes correctly, but.... after
'dreplsrv' refreshes partitions.
So we have something like this:
1. DREPL: dreplsrv_refresh_partitions() - at this point repsFrom values are
2. KCC:     kccsrv_simple_update() - kcc set values for repsFrom
3. DREPL: drepl_replica_sync() gets called - nothing happens dreplsrv
                 knows nothing about current topology

Simple workaround is to:
1. move dreplsrv_refresh_partitions() call before scheduling partitions pull
in dreplsrv_periodic module
2. call dreplsrv_refresh_partitions() while processing drepl_replica_sync()

I will come up with a patch later.

Kamen Mazdrashki
Samba Team                                            http://samba.org

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