comunication network private and public CTDB

Fábio Cordeiro fabioleandro at
Mon Aug 23 07:37:51 MDT 2010

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the help, was very useful clarification about the interfaces.

Do not know if I was clear about the issue of "clones". My intention is
not to use the CTDB to accomplish this task, because as you said it does
not. My intention is to use another tool to clone the hard drives (or
G4U G4L) in order to conduct a performance test, using the FTP services
and systems provided by the CTDB clustered files. Then, cloning hard
drives is just one type of testing that I accomplish. Can I use other
tests, it has little relevance. The real intent of my work is to perform
the installation CTBD and environmental testing to verify its
performance and publish an article showing the results.
 Thus putting to an analysis of performance CTBD compared with the same
task running on Windows environment.

I hope I was clear about what I do and would love to have your help and
the group.


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