Differences after 'dcpromo' Windows2008R2 off from Samba4

Zahari Zahariev zahari.zahariev at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 01:03:18 MDT 2010

Hi Metze & list,

This is latest log from my "dcpromo" automated environment. The process is
the following: <file:///home/zahari/Desktop/dcpromo.log>

   1. Compile & provision Samba4 DC
   2. Check the Samba4 DC various services if they work properly
   3. Revert Windows2008R2 machine to a vanilla state
   4. Execute (via expect script & telnet) dcpromo on the Windows2008R2 box
   against the Samba4 DC
   5. Restart Windows2008R2 server
   6. Timeout & check if Windows services respond correctly
   7. Run LDAPCmp to find differences right after the "dcpromo" process

 Can you tell me is there something that looks like something that must not
be happening to you in the LDAPCmp report?

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