Add context state to be used in syntax conversion functions

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at
Fri Aug 13 19:10:17 MDT 2010

Metze, Andrew,

Could you please check following commit:;a=commitdiff;h=91ade0b664aa69fffce500025037db76d8c72702

is a small part of what should be done and is intended as a sample
of what I want to do. I wanted to hear what you think first, as this will
affect the code in quite some places,

Basically what I want is to have convert-context to be passed in syntax
conversion functions - drs-to-ldb, ldb-to-drs, object_convert etc.
We need to know in what context those functions are used in order
to make values the same way Windows does.

I also think this is the right way to handle cases like
flag used during vampire/replication - this flag is currently in dsdb_schema
definition which is wrong IMHO, as it defines how OID-syntax-conversion
should work, rather than schema objects.


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