your s3-auth branch

Andreas Schneider asn at
Thu Aug 12 07:51:10 MDT 2010

On Wednesday 11 August 2010 01:23:24 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Andreas,

Hi Andrew,
> After gd mentioned your work on IRC, I took a look at
>;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/s3-auth ,
> and I have to say I'm a little confused (as is to be expected with a work
> in progress).

I've started working on it and then got sidetracked by other stuff. When I got 
back to work on it again more problems arised. The initialization of 
structures and services inside of smbd showed some problems. So I had to test 
and reoder some stuff to actually be able to access the rpc services in the 
auth code.

> Rather than have me jump to conclusions about what you are trying to
> achieve, I wonder if you might outline your plans?

The plans for the next days/weeks for gd and me are:

* implement NullSecureChannel and MsvApSecureChannel netlogon seruce channel
* migrate auth_sam to samr/netlogon
* replace 'struct samu' with 'struct netr_SamInfo3'
* check if there is other stuff that can be migrated to use dcerpc.


	-- andreas

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