Urgent query on SAMBA

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Hi Chris,

	Appreciate your prompt response. Thanks a lot.

Arun Kumar Ghewarchand
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If the server is a Windows server and the client is a Solaris 9 system,
Samba will be of limited use to you.  Samba is, primarily, a server

Samba *does* provide the smbclient tool, but smbclient is a command-line
tool only.  If you wish to mount the Windows share on Solaris, you will
to find out whether Solaris 9 has a native CIFS filesystem client.

Finally, your questions belong on the samba at samba.org mailing list.
samba-technical mailing list (this is) is for in-depth discussions of
protocol behaviors and implementation.

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Ghewarchan, Arunkumar wrote:
> Dear All,
>             I am new to Samba and it's been 24 hrs I have been going
> around to dig out about SAMBA and its feature
> I have a situation where in the windows share (central transport
> directory - SAP) needs to be accessible on UNIX server were the
> application needs to read the data file and upload it to SPA
> application. I tried installing Samba Client on UNIX server and I was
> manually able to browse the system Windows share but I am unable to
> mount it on UNIX. Can you please let me know how to mount the Windows
> share on UNIX (Solaris 9) permanently?
> Cheers
> Arun Kumar Ghewarchand

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