Videos of Samba4 capabilities

tridge at tridge at
Fri Apr 30 19:34:15 MDT 2010

I've put together a few more videos showing the capabilities of Samba4
as an AD domain controller. These videos are intended to complement
the Samba4 HOWTO on the wiki.

Currently there are 4 videos, with more planned in the future.

 1) joining a Samba4 domain
 2) group policy management
 3) roaming profiles
 4) dcpromo

I've tried to keep the videos a bit shorter than the previous videos
I've done. The idea is to build up a set of videos that covers the
main features of Samba4 with each feature in a separate video, rather
than a single video that tries to cover all features.

If anyone wants to work on making these videos more accessible to
people running Windows desktops that would be most welcome.

Metze has also asked me to add a video on the details of dynamic DNS
setup. I'll work on that when I have the time. If there are any other
requests please let me know.

Cheers, Tridge

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