slapo-allowed: allowedChildClasses and allowedChildClassesEffective

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Apr 28 12:54:02 MDT 2010

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masarati at wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> masarati at wrote:
>>> Michael Ströder wrote:
>>>> masarati at wrote:
>>>>> slapo-allowed was modified between 2.4.21 and 2.4.22; support for
>>>>> allowedChildClasses and allowedChildClassesEffective was added.
>>>> The semantics you've implemented seems to be incompatible with my
>>>> implementation in web2ldap which works correctly with MS AD. I do not
>>>> claim to know the *exact* semantics of these attributes though.
>>>> web2ldap only uses the attribute 'allowedChildClasses'. In the object
>>>> class select form web2ldap now only shows an empty list of STRUCTURAL
>>>> object classes to be usable for a new entry. AUXILIARY object classes
>>>> are shown. At first glance it seems STRUCTURAL object classes are 
>>>> not returned by slapo-allowed in the search result at all.
>>> Since the main purpose of that overlay is to mimic AD, I think your
>>> observations make sense.  I inferred the semantics of those attributes
>>> from the description I found in the links I was pointed to by Andrew
>>> Bartlett.  My interpretation is that allowedChildClasses should list the
>>> objectClasses that can be added to a given entry; in my interpretation,
>>> these are all AUXILIARY objectClasses known to the DSA.  The
>>> allowedChildClassesEffective are those objectClasses the identity is
>>> allowed to add by ACLs, and whose required attrs the identity is allowed
>>> to add by ACLs.  Unless I made any coding mistake...
>> Hmm, aren't these attributes just for determiníng the usable object 
>> classes when adding new entries (like poor man's DIT structural rules)?
> In that case, slapo-allowed behavior would consist in listing all
> STRUCTURAL objectclasses.

Not only STRUCTURAL objectclasses. AUXILIARY object classes are definitely
listed too. E.g. in MS AD when requesting allowedChildClasses on a user entry
(STRUCTURAL object class User) only a very limited set of object classes are
returned. Playing around with web2ldap's object class select form on MS AD it
makes sense.

>> In MS AD there are DIT content rules for limiting AUXILIARY object
>> classes.
> My interest in having this overlay exactly reproduce AD's behavior is
> close to zero.

Given that the attribute type description

1. uses an OID by Microsoft in arc 1.2.840.113556 (see and

2. that the only specification with this OID is in [MS-ADA1] and

3. Samba4 definitely aims to exactly mimique MS AD

the behaviour of slapo-allowed should be *exactly* the same like in MS AD.
Otherwise it seems that I've misunderstood all the former schema OID
discussions we had on openldap-devel.

I admit the text in [MS-ADA1] is pretty terse and can be interpreted in
various ways. I guess Andrew should pass this to MS dochelp.

> My main interest is in making OpenLDAP support Samba4 correctly, and the
> request for this feature was initially related to Samba4.

Could you please point me to an ITS? In case Samba4 has a different
requirement I'd strongly request to use another attribute type description
(different OID and NAME).

> As soon as I know for sure what those attributes are supposed to contain,
> then I think they should reflect that definition within OpenLDAP (e.g. an
> entry with any structural objectclass can be added as the child of any
> entry).

For the time being there should be a way to disable those two attributes in

Ciao, Michael.

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