[PATCH] smbcacls added support for a -I flag

matthew at mcgillis.org matthew at mcgillis.org
Wed Apr 28 02:20:15 MDT 2010

> Sorry, but I still get failed hunks.

No need to be sorry clearly I'm doing something wrong I appreciate your patients with me.

> What commands did you *EXACTLY* run to get this patch?

git format-patch origin

> And what Mail User Agent are you using to send your mail?

Since the patch had all the e-mail headers I did:

cat *.patch | sendmail samba-technical at lists.samba.org

Which is probably what is giving you a problem.

> My Mail User Agent called
> mutt does not see this as an attachement, I found this patch
> as inline in my mailbox. Maybe your mail user agent
> converted the attachment to an inline text?

The way I sent it I wouldn't expect it to be seen as an attachment.

> Would it be possible to send this patch as an attachment,
> possibly base64 encoded, so that it does not get messed with
> by mailers?

This message should include an attachment of the patch. This used MacOS X Mail.

Let me know if your still running into problems.


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