Pidl patch for ABSOLUTE_TIMEs

Jeff Morriss at
Sat Apr 24 13:07:52 MDT 2010


The Wireshark Wiki page:

says to send patches against Pidl to this address.

Pidl generates some Wireshark dissector fields of type
FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME.  Starting some time not too long ago, these fields
need a 'display' field other than BASE_NONE or BASE_DEC.  The attached
patch fixes this, *assuming* that all the times are "local."  Other
options include:

        ABSOLUTE_TIME_UTC,      /* UTC, with month and day */
        ABSOLUTE_TIME_DOY_UTC   /* UTC, with 1-origin day-of-year */

For now (to keep Wireshark running) I've modified the dcerpc-lsa
dissector manually; this is my attempt to push the patch upstream.

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