[RFC] Get rid of --enable-merged ?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Thu Apr 22 06:58:30 MDT 2010

The merged build that we introduced as part of the Franky effort was an
interesting idea but I wonder if we should get rid of it. 

It has been successful in that it has helped us share more code between
Samba 3 and Samba 4, but it is not the only way of doing this. 

The merged build does make live more complicated though:

Having a single configuration that can be used to build both branches
sounds nice in theory, because it means you get to find out if it works
in both branches at the same time. In practice it unfortunately means
one more build configuration to worry about.

Supporting the merged build if Samba 4 moves to waf (not official but it
appears like this is going to happen) will mean we'll need a waf build
for Samba 3 as well (either in addition to or as a replacement of the
current system). 

It's still possible to specify the Samba 4 smbtorture binary to use for
Samba 3's testsuite manually.



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