Success Report

Rick Widmer rwidmer at
Mon Apr 19 17:52:15 MDT 2010

I have just installed a copy of SAMBA 4 from git, and so far all is 
well.  An attempt last Thursday failed with compile errors, but after a 
git pull today it worked.

By 'worked' I mean that I have made it through the entire installation 
HOWTO, including connecting to the domain on SAMBA 4 and connecting with 
the Windows Remote Administration tools, and the Group Policy Management 

Now the real work begins.  I am the IT manager at a small library that 
is currently using Windows SteadyState on Windows XP machines.  We hope 
to upgrade our public machines to Windows 7 at the end of this budget 
year.  At this time SteadyState is not available or expected on 7, so we 
must re-evaluate our security procedures.

My hope is to replace the SteadyState account restrictions with Group 
Policy, preferably served via SAMBA 4.

I haven't chosen a replacement for Disk Protection yet, but I have used 
Faronics Deep Freeze in the past, so they have an advantage.  I wasn't 
very happy with their WinSelect tool for account restrictions though.

Finally there is a need on some web browsers to limit access to a single 
web site.  These are all things that currently depend on Windows 

Back to the topic of this list...

I have until the end of August to decide what to do, but as of now I am 
hopeful that Group Policy served from SAMBA 4 will be part of the 
solution.  There will be much testing between now and then.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Rick Widmer
IT Manager,
Hailey Public Library
Hailey, Idaho  83333

(208) 788-2036

p.s.  I am subscribed to this list as yahoo at, my official 
mail list account for Yahoo groups and most other lists.  Replies to the 
list should make it to me just fine.

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