'net vampire' does not work with standard build for me

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at samba.org
Mon Apr 19 16:15:36 MDT 2010

Hi Bernd,

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 22:55, Bernd Markgraf <bernd.markgraf at med.ovgu.de>wrote:

> Hi Kamen,
> I got a fresh git clone and applied your patch. This is the result when
> I try to vampire my domain:
> ....
> So the options for net vampire changed on the way? On my previous
> attempts the was on option --realm now it wants --target-dir
> I assume this is the directory where database files shall be stored?
> Yes. Net command takes --target-dir now.
--target-dir is actually where Samba is to be installed.

What is the NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER telling me all the time? Why
> does it fail to find the realm for host I want to join? Does one need
> any preparation on the existing DC? (there already exists an account for
> the machine I am about to join - which I needed to get the kerberos key
> so that box can utilize them to authenticate unix logins).
> What I think you are missing here is ... the --realm option
Anatoliy (aatanasov) is having the same problem currently
(more people having the problem, more probably it will be resolved faster).

For me, 'net vampire' works quite well, although I don't event have kerberos
What I have is a target directory (say, SAMBA_DIR=/home/kamenim/samba), with
pre-configured smb.conf
in $SAMBA_DIR/etc/smb.conf.
I think you should have at leas following options set in you smb.conf file:
* **[globals]*
* **netbios name** **= DRS1*
* **workgroup** **= SAMBA*
* **realm** **= SAMBA.DEVEL*
* **server role     = domain controller*
* **ads:dc function level = 4*

I use 'ads:dc function level' option as I use to test against w2k8-r2.
I think you should match Functional Level for your domain
(which is 2 as it seems).

> Another bad thing I found when I put the new build into service (Version
> 4.0.0alpha12-GIT-c293359 with your patch) was that the Users
> administration on my windows client was missing a number of tab, when
> editing accounts. Most notably the account and profile tabs were
> missing. So there must be something else that is not quite right.
> Perhaps it will be better if Matthieu Patou can comment on this?

Kamen Mazdrashki
kamen.mazdrashki at postpath.com

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