talloc references error

Matthieu Patou mat at matws.net
Sat Apr 10 09:00:48 MDT 2010

Dear team,
I got this error message:
mat at ares:/usr/local/src/samba4/source4$ ~/workspace/samba/testrepl.py
ERROR: talloc_free with references at ../../lib/talloc/pytalloc.c:31
     reference at ../../lib/talloc/pytalloc.c:67
<drsblobs.replPropertyMetaData1 talloc object at 0x0xab37a58>
<drsblobs.replPropertyMetaData1 talloc object at 0x0xab37a88>
<drsblobs.replPropertyMetaData1 talloc object at 0x0xab37ab8>
<drsblobs.replPropertyMetaData1 talloc object at 0x0xab37ae8>
<drsblobs.replPropertyMetaData1 talloc object at 0x0xab37b18>
<drsblobs.replPropertyMetaData1 talloc object at 0x0xab37b48>

I have this when using the drsblobs python binding (I manually remove 
the const that was blocking the compilation)
What is strange is that the script continue after this error and that 
the content seems ok.

See attached script for testing.

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