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Fri Apr 9 13:45:23 MDT 2010

Hello all:

We are currently in a NIS environment at my new job, it is my desire to rip this out in favor of using LDAP as I have done in previous companies.  Historically I have used openldap and 389 directory server as ldap backends and samba 3 as a NT style domain controller for mixed linux/windows environments.  To this end I usually store autofs maps in LDAP for the linux clients.  I am now considering samba4, is the embedded ldap server extensible to include autofs schema, or should I provision an openldap backend?  Also if using samba4, what is the best way to authenticate linux/macOS-X clients?  I think my choices are Kerberos, LDAP, or AD style auth.  I have been looking at FreeIPA as well but it seems their windows support is pretty much non-existent until they incorporate samba4 and replace Heimdal with MIT Kerberos, which is probably way off in the future.  I basically just want a single authentication/authorization source for linux, macOS-X and windows XP/7 clients, with automount information coming from that same source.


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