Google Summer of code projects:

Balaji Subramanian balajisubr at
Wed Apr 7 21:32:31 MDT 2010


I am interested in some of the open-source projects that you have posted as
part of the Google Summer of Code.

My Background:
I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing my masters in
Information Networking. I am graduating in May 2009. All throughout my
academic career at CMU, I have involved myself in interesting projects, done
some good coursework. I am prepared to work in a competitive environment and
undertake challenging projects that would kindle my knowledge and add to my
experience. My areas of interest are application development, systems
programming(I have taken some courses and am beginning to learn more),
security and web application development. Please find attached my resume for
your reference.

Projects that I am interested in :Implement login / logout related counter
update Add remote (RPC) support for Samba configuration Extension of the
GTK+ frontends(using C)Create GUI or command-line tools for displaying
/proc/fs/cifs statistics and and mount/session statu
Please provide some information about how to get started and next steps to
be taken.

Looking forward to your replyThanking You,

Balaji Subramanian
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