[PATCHES] Upgrade provision

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Wed Apr 7 16:15:55 MDT 2010


I've been working on patches for making upgradeprovision use one big 
transaction instead of doing a start transaction/commit for every part 
of the job (ie. 1 for secrets update, 1 for schema update, 1 for sam.db 
updates ...)

Please find attached the two patches.
In order to make it worked I've been obliged to revert this two patches:
* "s4:dsdb Add a shortcut sequence number for schema reloads"
* "s4:dsdb Rework schema loading and add schema reloading"

That's because the new code introduced by Andrew B has a small bug (a 
double talloc free called) when you are changing the schema in a 
transaction and then you do something else in the same transaction (well 
from what I understood).
Andrew is aware of this bug. So if you __want__ to test those patch you 
need to do so otherwise for the review it's not needed.

Of course due to this bug those patches it's not a good idea to put this 
patches in the master tree, but comments and critics are welcomed.

For those who wonder why I did this, it's following a talk with Tridge 
in January about the use of replMetaData for helping upgrade provision 
to be more certain on what has to be updated.
But in order to do so we need to have only transaction to be sure that 
upgrade provision didn't  potentially confuse on what has been not 
modified since last (upgrade)provision and what have been modified (ie. 
like password expiry).


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